Project Description

The Gertler Family Foundation


The Gertler Family Foundation (GFF) is dedicated to improving the lives of people residing in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The foundation works with several partners to address the needs of disadvantaged communities,  in areas including  infrastructure development, agriculture, healthcare, education, emergency help and culture.


Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Operating region

Foundation projects are run throughout the DRC in areas like Kinshasa, Orientale, Maniema, Sud Kivu, Katanga and Kasaï-Oriental.

The Gertler Family Foundation
The Gertler Family Foundation

Grants/award programs

Infrastructure development – By building and developing housing, educational and healthcare facilities, farms, bridges and roads, the GFF is vastly improving the infrastructure of the DRC.

Healthcare – By creating meaningful partnerships with both national and global health bodies, the GFF develops and manages hospitals and addresses various healthcare needs among the needy populations. Its initiatives tackle conditions such as HIV/Aids, TB, malaria, facial deformities, malnutrition and other diseases and problems endemic to the DRC.

Education – The Foundation improves primary and secondary education facilities as well as universities, by sponsoring educational equipment and materials, and renovating and constructing school buildings. Local students can avail of scholarships and special attention is placed on women’s education, and education for vulnerable children and orphans.

Emergency help – The Foundation works with national and international governments to bring relief when natural and other disasters strike. Emergency management is facilitated and food, shelter and clothing are provided to people who are displaced..

Culture – By supporting cultural programs the GFF contributes to the social development of local communities.

Funded Organizations/Projects

HCK Hospital du Cinquantenaire de Kisangani – Substantial grant were donated by the foundation to open the much needed hospital since 2012. The hospital is now operating as a Level IV Trauma Centre and received another substantial donation in aid of staffing the facility.

SOS Children’s Village Kinshasa – Over 2,000 programs are run by SOS Children’s Villages across the globe. The Gertler Family Foundation started working with the organisation in the DRC in 2011 and has since been making annual contributions. The first donation made went towards the basic care of ten children for over a year.

Blaise Pascal School Lubumbashi – After political problems forced the school to close in 1991, it was re-opened in 2009. The Gertler Family Foundation made a sizable donation towards improvements like a library, extra classrooms and a computer centre.

Operation Smile – Over 200,000 cleft lip and palate surgeries have been performed by the organisation across the world. By establishing a partnership with the Gertler Family Foundation, the organisation has secured financial backing and help with logistics..

Foundation’s History

Dan Gertler co-founded the Gertler Family Foundation in 2004. Gertler and his family have a long-standing commitment to developing communities in the DRC. He is a senior advisor to the Fleurette Group, an investment company.