Project Description

The Chandaria Foundation


The mission of the Chandaria Foundation is to help citizens of African countries to improve their lives through various initiatives. The foundation also aims to make a valuable contribution towards the environment and the local ecology.  Particular focus is placed on helping children and young people, and children with special needs.


Nairobi, Kenya

Operating region

The Chandaria Foundation runs projects in over 11 African countries, wherever Chandaria Industries Limited operates from

Supported causes

The Chandaria Foundation supports several initiatives in the following areas:
• Education
• Environment
• Ecology
• Youth
• Healthcare
• Children with special needs
• Youth sport

The Chandaria Foundation
The Chandaria Foundation

Grants/award programs

The Chandaria Foundation does not have a portfolio of grants or award portfolios on offer. Instead the foundation uses local knowledge and community involvement to identify areas of need and then offers assistance.

Funded Organizations/Projects

Education – Various scholarships have been sponsored by the Chandaria Foundation in the scholarship program that sponsors 150 students every year. Students from poverty stricken or rural areas are selected. The foundation also supports schools by supplying books and constructing kitchens for schools, especially in slum areas. Some of the schools are entirely funded by the foundation.


Hospitals and medical centres – Several medical centres with maternity wings in rural areas have been constructed by the foundation. The foundation typically collaborates with local communities who provide labour, while the foundation contributes design, materials, supervision and funding. Three children’s hospitals and several accident and emergency centres have also been built by the Chandaria Foundation. A substantial donation of toilet tissues, liquid hand wash and sanitary towels was made to Dr Ribeiro Parklands Primary School – a school that accommodates 100 children that suffer from cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that affects muscle movement. In a similar initiative sanitary towels were donated by the foundation to the Jubilant Baba Dogo Secondary School in a drive to encourage attendance. During the festive season Chandaria Foundation assists the Life of Hope Community by assisting vulnerable children that reside in local slums.
Environmental improvement – In World Environment Day in 2015 the Chandaria Foundation sponsored the national event arranged by the Narok County Government. Part of the day involved a clean-up exercise of the town and a tree planting at the Maasai Girls High School. At the main event the company also presented how products are recycled. Chandaria Foundation also led celebrations in Baba Dogo in Nairobi with a tree planting exercise at the MM Chandaria Primary School – a school supported 100% by the foundation.
Children’s Homes – The foundation supports Mama Mercy’s Good Samaritan Children’s Home Mathare with donations of bedding and hygiene supplies. At the Mother Teresa Kariobangi Centre for children with special needs the Chandaria foundation donated hygiene products, toilet tissue and McChocolate products.

Foundation’s History

Manu Chandaria started the Chandaria Foundation more than 50 years ago. Chandaria is a committed Jain and started the foundation with his family in fulfilment of the principles of their religion. Chandaria’s company Comcroft operates in over 11 countries throughout Africa and through the Chandaria Foundation he has set up charitable trusts in all these countries.