Exploring Initiatives that Support Africa

There are many ways in which individuals and organisations can support Africa, and many are doing just that – especially recently. Philanthropy on the continent has gained major attention over the past few years. And yet, it still hasn’t received mainstream recognition as a tool that can make a substantial impact on positively transforming the continent. This blog is aimed at creating awareness of philanthropists, philanthropic organisations, charitable events, and other news in the industry so that philanthropy can finally receive well-deserved acknowledgement.

Vital to Progress

Philanthropy has become a major avenue for tackling the infrastructure challenges of Africa as well as the social and economic development of its people. In this blog we take a closer look at how this is unfolding across the continent. Philanthropists and organisations that support Africa are shifting the continent into an era of unprecedented greatness. They are taking the age-old African practices of reciprocity and giving, and turning it into a mechanism that is geared to progress the country positively. Philanthropy is fast becoming part of the currency of how African societies function.

Philanthropic practices in Africa have evolved through time, and continue to shift. Western nations have been generously supportive to the continent for many years, and this trend continues. More and more home-grown benefactors are emerging and using their private wealth to contribute to some of Africa’s challenges.

Exploring Philanthropy in Africa

This blog features news and updates of some of Africa’s biggest supporters, both local and foreign, and takes an in-depth look at the dynamics of African philanthropy. It also explores philanthropy initiatives happening in African countries and how the locals are affected by the projects. Furthermore, this blog celebrates the spirit of benevolence that is so strongly reflected in the various philanthropic initiatives throughout Africa.

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