Foundations in Africa Affecting Positive Change

Many problems affect the African continent. From troubles in specific areas, like poverty, poor healthcare and education, to issues that affect everybody universally, like global warming — Africa has many issues to address. Although the continent has abundant wealth when it comes to natural and mineral resources, many of its countries lack infrastructure and adequate support to maintain basic standards of living for its citizens. For some countries the only way of surviving is through the benevolence of philanthropic foundations.

The Time is Now

There has never been a better time for foundations in Africa to do philanthropic deeds than now. It is not only a time in which Africa needs the help of generous benefactors to implement sustainable solutions for future growth; it is also an era in which benevolence is finally being embraced. The interest in philanthropy has drastically grown over the past few years and the momentum has shifted philanthropy in Africa into an upward trajectory. While African governments previously viewed philanthropy as part of a hidden agenda by the west to influence the country’s regimes, times have changed and it has become a more welcomed practice. There has also been a monumental shift in the type of foundations that support Africa. In the past most international foundations were mainly geared towards supporting governments. This changed when focus moved towards humanitarian initiatives and sustainable social and economic reform became the buzzwords of the industry.

Developing Sustainability

More and more foundations in Africa are taking a firm stance on long-term advancement for countries on the continent and sustainable development is becoming a focal point in philanthropic initiatives. Africa has one of the fastest growing markets of high net worth individuals, and many of these individuals are becoming entrenched in sustainable philanthropy. They are starting the very foundations that are putting the building blocks of the future success of African countries in place. There also continues to be strong support from international foundations invested in the development of Africa.

A new Approach to Philanthropy

Besides shifting focus to more sustainable solutions, foundations in Africa are also approaching philanthropy with a more collaborative spirit. Governments are strategically engaged in activities while foundations maintain independence. Principles are developed collectively and agreed on by all parties. The newfound status philanthropic foundations in Africa are gaining is directly influencing social and economic reformation.

Taking Steps to Make Change

Through the years, several philanthropic foundations that are geared for making positive change have been founded throughout Africa. Without the help of these organizations and the individuals who work tirelessly towards a better world, Africa would not be forging its way as an emerging international force. This section of the website is dedicated to exploring some of the top foundations operating in Africa, and the good work they are doing.