Project Description

The African Impact Foundation


The African Impact Foundation’s mission is to implement initiatives that will affect long-term positive change in the lives of families and individuals in communities across Africa. The communities in which the foundations efforts are targeted at communities where there is often a lack of access to basic necessities like health services, safe spaces for children to play, education and nutritious food. When these basic needs are not fulfilled it is challenging for community members to feel empowered or to improve their situations. The foundation makes a meaningful impact in these communities with initiatives in which access to education and health services is provided, initiatives to improve nutrition are implemented, and safe areas in which children can play and learn are built. The African Impact Foundation also aims to identify other organisations to collaborate with in order to strengthen efforts to bring about long-term change.


Cape Town, South Africa

Operating region

South Africa – Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal
Tanzania – Moshi, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar
Zambia – Livingstone
Kenya – Limuru

Supported causes

  •  Health and Nutrition
  •  Education and Enrichment
  • Empowering Communities
The African Impact Foundation
The African Impact Foundation

Grants/award programs

The foundation’s motto is to ‘Educate, Enrich and Empower’. By identifying and completely understanding the individual needs of every community, the foundation is able to address these needs sustainably and effectively. Because of this, the African Impact Foundation limits its reach to selected communities making it possible to concentrate their efforts on establishing and nurturing lasting relationships and ensuring sustainable involvement in relevant communities.

Funded Organizations/Projects

Some of the achievements made by the African Impact Foundation:

South Africa
• Cape Town volunteers raised funds and donated recycled skipping ropes to the GAPA Enrichment Program.
• Successful educational outing to Kirstenbosch Gardens for 152 children and 12 grannies.
• Assistance at Red Hill Preschool including educational initiatives, nutritional workshops, a new stove installed and improved resources.
• Funds were raised for the Educational Support project with Luntu Educare.
• In KwaZulu Natal at Gogo 4 Kids a new toilet was built and the chicken coup was repaired after a storm destroyed it.
• Three JoJo tanks were installed at the Empower a Family Project in St. Lucia with the aim of proving a sustainable water source to locals through rain water collection.

Foundation’s History

Established in 2008, the African Impact Foundation started at a small desk in Livingstone. The initial aim was to start an organisation that would responsibly manage the generous funding raised by volunteers working on African Impact projects. Since its humble beginnings the foundation has grown into a large concern that funds numerous programs an initiatives in the communities where African Impact volunteer work takes place. It has since financed the construction of clinics, day care centres for children and school classrooms, and has provided communities with skills and education training. Through various initiatives like this the foundation has helped members of the communities to improve their wellbeing and quality of life.
After starting operations in Livingstone, the African Impact Foundation moved offices to Cape Town where five employees work closely with a network of interns stationed in various locations around Africa.