Project Description

The Dream Factory


The Dream Factory is a youth-led non-profit organisation that empowers youths aged between 13 and 25 to lead successful lives. The organisation helps young people to come into contact with practical ways in which they can start moving towards their life ambitions. The Dream Factory’s mission is to inspire and motivate young people of today to become leaders and achievers tomorrow. The organisation’s ultimate goal is to ensure that the next generation consists of fearless dreamers who go into the world creating their destinies and making their dreams come true.


Headquarters are located in Cape Town, South Africa

Operating region

Western Cape and Eastern Cape Provinces, South Africa in the following schools:

  • Heideveld High School
  • Phoenix High School
  • Vista High School
  • Gardens Commercial School
  • Ogwini Comprehensive High School
  • Zola Business School
  • Soneike High School
  • Salt River High School
  • Maitland High School
  • Ekuthuthukeni Special School
  • Sea Point High School
  • John Pama Primary School
  • Windsor High School
  • Mziwamandla Secondary School

Supported causes

The Dream Foundation works with ten schools in the Western Cape, and four schools in the Eastern Cape, and runs several programs throughout every year. Because Grade 9 and 10 is an important junction where youths have to make decisions about their academic paths, The Dream Foundation focuses on learners at this academic level. The programs involve learners articulating their ideas about what they would like to do with their lives and then helping them work towards it through initiatives like work experience.

Grants/award programs

The organisation offers the following programs:

A coding program – This program involves teaching young people how to code. This cultivates analytical and problem-solving skills as well as patience and high conceptualising skills.

Scholarship support – Three secondary school learners and one college learner are supported every year with school/college fees, life skills building and tutoring.

The after school tutoring program – The Dream Factory’s after school program helps learners to improve their life skills and academic work.

An internship program – This initiative takes on youths who have completed secondary education and have had contact with The Dream Factory. They are offered a six month internship in which they work with youths in a similar age bracket at the schools the organisation works with.

Funded Organizations/Projects

Over a period of around four years over 55,000 learners were introduced to The Dream Factory and over 1,000 were directly impacted by the programs on offer. As in 2017 more than 500 children learned to code and over 1,000 have developed personal skills and abilities.

Foundation’s History

Founders of The Dream Factory, Lusanda Gwayi and Laurian Nortje, were both working in the Western Cape with under-resourced schools. After noticing the harsh reality of the lives of the young people attending these schools they realised that there are high levels of poverty, a massive lack of access to quality education, very little opportunity for cultivating sustainable livelihoods and high unemployment rates. Late in 2011 Gwayi and Nortje both experienced a deep calling to use their skills and talents to affect positive change in the lives of these underprivileged youths.