Project Description

The Jim Ovia Foundation


The Jim Ovia Foundation was launched with the aim of investing in the unlimited potential of the youths of Nigeria – and using this investment as a key to the social and economic growth of the nation. The foundation hopes to improve the standard of living in Nigerian society by increasing the efficiency in which people are operating. The long-term goal of the foundation is to use education and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to enable the young people of Nigeria to be equipped to contribute to, and gain from the global economy. The foundation also aims to bring ICT into the school curriculum as an additional science, and hopes to foster an ICT literate society.


Civic Towers, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Operating region

Throughout Nigeria

Supported causes

Graduates of secondary schools, university students and ICT entrepreneurs who are eligible are invited to apply for:
– Educational scholarships
– Grants/Award Programs

The Jim Ovia Foundation
The Jim Ovia Foundation

Funded Organisations/Projects

The Jim Ovia Scholarship
Founded and funded in 1998, the scholarship is available to 100 outstanding young Nigerians every year for funding undergraduate studies. Tuition and a maintenance allowance are covered by the scholarship. As in October 2010 ₦100 million (Nigerian Naira) had already been invested in the program. Scholarships are provided on the basis of intellectual ability, leadership qualities and the desire to become a valuable member of society.
The Jim Ovia ICT Entrepreneurs Programme
The aim of the Jim Ovia ICT Entrepreneurs Programme is to empower up-and-coming young ICT entrepreneurs to explore the African market. The programme aims to nurture these entrepreneurs over a period of one year so that they may achieve their full potential. A hackathon is hosted by the programme where between five and ten innovative ideas and 50 entrepreneurs are selected for funding every year. The entrepreneurs are given the necessary training and mentorship to achieve their goals.

Empower YOUth Program
According to studies early intervention in the education of underprivileged youths can seriously affect the outcome of their lives in terms of social welfare, crime and graduation rates. The Empower YOUth Program is an initiative that aims to familiarise youths aged between six and 10 to become familiar with the digital age through ICT. The twelve week boot-camp program equips youths with ICT skills that will help them gain future access to the tech economy.

Foundation’s History

The Jim Ovia Foundation was founded by Jim Ovia in August 2003 as a non-profit organisation with the aim of fostering social and educational upliftment to underserved young Nigerians and to bring ICT empowerment initiatives to Nigeria. To date the foundation has helped over 1,500 students and ICT entrepreneurs with educational and entrepreneurial grants. The foundation has spent more than ₦100 million (Nigerian Naira) on two of its nationally renowned initiatives: the Jim Ovia ICT Entrepreneurs Program and the Jim Ovia Scholarship. The beneficiaries of the foundation excel both academically and in community service and generally overcome tremendous challenges to pursue their dreams.