Project Description

Lusanda Gwayi

Place of Birth

Cape Town, South Africa


Legal, Philanthropic and Ministerial


After completing her secondary education at Clarendon Girls High School, Lusanda Gwayi started studying at the University of Cape Town where she achieved her law degree. Gwayi started her career but received a calling to full-time ministry. She started working at the Christ Embassy Cape Town, a religious organisation with a vision of bringing their message to the world and to improve lives. As part of her work with Christ Embassy Gwayi started working with young people residing around the Western Cape who are underprivileged and are suffering because of a lack of facilities and poor conditions under which they are being educated.

Philanthropy and Sponsorship

After seeing the effects of the challenges faced by young people in the Western Cape, Lusanda Gwayi and her colleague Laurian Nortje decided to take matters into their own hands and use their talents to affect positive change to the lives of the young people suffering because of environmental factors like poverty, limited resources and poor educational conditions. Together they started a non-profit organisation and called it The Dream Factory. With a vision of inspiring and developing youth in local schools in mind, Gwayi and Nortje started travelling to schools to inspire young people to make their dreams come true. They soon realised that a more structured approach is required and, through the organisation, they started several programs with growth and development in mind. The programs consist of:

The Dream Tool Kit – A curriculum created by Gwayi and Nortje that deals with developing the dreams of young people. Working in collaboration with the South African Department of Education, The Dream Factory is attempting to offer the curriculum to all schools.

An Internship Initiative – The organisation takes on selected secondary school graduates and offers them six month internships that involve working with their peers who are about to finish school and need some direction in making decisions about their education and life paths.

The Coding Program – Coding develops patience, conceptual skills and concentration as well as significantly improving analytical and problem-solving skills. It is an excellent skill for youths to possess. This initiative is all about teaching youngsters this invaluable skill.

A Scholarship Support Program – Every year three learners from the 14 schools that the organisation works with and one college student are selected to take part in the scholarship initiative. These learners are supported with life skills building, academic tutoring and their school or college fees are paid by The Dream Factory.

The Tutoring Program – The after school program places focus on students not only improving their academic performance, but also their life skills.

For her incredible philanthropic contributions, Lusanda Gwayi received the Youth Ministerial Award from the Department of Social Development. She also received the Inyathelo Philanthropy Award in 2016 because of her work with The Dream Factory. This award was also given to a fellow local philanthropist Kathrine Brink from the Little Brinks Foundation.