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General Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma

Place of Birth



Military, shipping, energy, investment and politics


General TY Danjuma is a Nigerian philanthropist, soldier, businessman, politician and millionaire. He served in the Nigerian army for 20 years and achieved the rank of Lieutenant General before serving as Chief of Army Staff. During his service General Danjuma played a vital role in supporting the president in challenging the Dimka Coup.

After leaving the army General Danjuma founded the Nigeria America Line shipping company. He then launched COMET Shipping Agencies Nigeria and founded South Atlantic Petroleum Limited. Besides his business engagements, General Danjuma has also been active in politics and was the Minister of Defence under President Olusegun Obasanjo’s rule.

Philanthropy and Sponsorship

Besides being an accomplished soldier, businessman and politician, General TY Danjuma is also a renowned African philanthropist. Over the years he has supported many healthcare initiatives and spent billions on community upliftment and educational development projects in Nigeria.

The General was born in 1938 in Takum in Taraba – which is historically one of the most impoverished states in Nigeria. He noticed that in his native state there was a major shortage of health services that cater for the masses. Even after all these years the Taraba state continues to be the state that has the highest number of cases involving river blindness and other similarly debilitating diseases. General Danjuma and the Foundation also noticed that the people of Dako in the Federal Capital Territory were in great need of fresh water.

Committed to Improvement
Because of his commitment to positive change General Danjuma has made considerable donations over the course of several years and has provided solutions to the problems he noticed. His generosity includes:

  • Giving out around US$500,000 in grants to NGO’s that are working to alleviate suffering in Taraba.
  • Answering the need for fresh water by installing a 20,000 litre borehole facility that is powered by solar energy in Dako.

The donations made by the General were handed over in the form of grants to NGOs which became directly responsible for massive positive change. The grant-making process is made possible through the foundation that General Danjuma created for this purpose.

The TY Danjuma Foundation

The General created the TY Danjuma Foundation in Nigeria in December 2009. His main goal in creating the foundation was to provide sustainable solutions through development programs. The TY Danjuma Foundation operates as a large-scale philanthropic organization, rather than a charity, and has given out several thousands in grants to a variety of NGOs that help the needy in Africa. General Danjuma prefers the focus of his donations to go towards:

  • Providing medical services in rural African areas
  • Improving the quality of education received by children and young adults
  • Alleviating poverty in African communities
  • Providing basic social facilities and services

The Foundation is partnered with more than 59 NGOs operational throughout Nigeria and has the cooperation and support of at least 36 governors from various Nigerian states.