Project Description

Hub Cymru Foundation


The Hub Cymru Foundation’s mission is to work harmoniously with African partners to elevate Wales as a globally conscientious nation, and to help create a fairer world through building their status as a Fair Trade Nation.


Located at the Welsh Centre for International Affairs at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff.

Operating region

Global, but with particular focus on Africa.

Hub Cymru Foundation

Supported causes

• Environmental issues
• Climate change
• Healthcare
• Wellbeing
• Learning and education
• Sustainability
• Support for marginalised groups
• Cultural exchanges between individuals
• Innovative solutions for poverty stricken communities

Grants/award programs

Four specific themes are funded:
• Healthcare
• Sustainable living projects
• Learning and education
• Climate change
Funding categories range between grants of up to £1,000 for small scale projects, and grants of up to £15,000 for partnership grants. Although more than one award to the same organisation is only made in exceptional circumstances, Hub Cymru Africa does accept multiple applications. Applications are first screened to confirm eligibility, then assessed by a panel, which is selected based on the size of the grant. After assessment, successful applicants will either be funded in full, offered partial funding, or be offered funding dependent on conditions. Only funding for overseas activities in Africa will be granted.

Funded Organizations/Projects

Sustainable living grants include:
Zimele UK received funding from the foundation in the ‘up to £15,000’ category in 2015, in aid of craftswomen from KwaZulu Natal in South Africa who work hard but struggle to make a living because they lack education and employment opportunities. The project develops business and Fair Trade craft production skills so that the women may earn money from their skills.
Tools for Self Reliance, Cymru supports village clusters in Tanzania, and also received funding from the foundation in 2015 in the ‘up to £15,000’ category. The project works mainly with women and disabled people in remote villages to attain access to training and tools in areas like carpentry, blacksmithing and tailoring.
PONT is in the process of establishing 15 self-help groups across Uganda with the aim of helping women who take care of vulnerable children and orphans. The grant was made in 2015 and was in the ‘up to £15,000’ category. The project makes provision for milk, meat and income generation by providing goats to the women. Group members also receive training in business promotion, goal setting, saving and problem solving.
Climate change grants include:
The Nature Foundation received a grant under the ‘up to £5,000’ category in 2015 for the Ocean Motion project. With this project Kenyan and Welsh school children will learn about the problems man-made waste is causing for the eco-systems in our oceans. The children in Africa and in the UK will visit recycling facilities, and then share what they have learned.

Foundation’s History

The Hub Cymru Africa Foundation is a newly formed group of organisations in collaboration. The group has been operational since 2015, and consists of the Sub Saharan Advisory Panel, Africa Health Links Network, Wales Africa Community Links, the Wales International Development Hub, and Fair Trade Wales. Every year Hub Cymru Africa hosts a small grants scheme for projects across Africa. The annual budget amounts to £180,000 and the funding is provided by the Welsh Government as part of their ‘Wales for Africa Programme’.