Project Description

The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation


The Clinton’s foundation’s objective is to address some of the world’s greatest challenges. This is done through building partnerships between NGOs, businesses and governments globally. These collaborations work together to transform lives and communities by finding lasting solutions to issues.


New York, United States

Operating region

Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Caribbean, the United States

The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation
The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation

Supported causes

• Climate change
• Economic development
• Global health
• Improving opportunity for girls and women
• Health and wellness

Funded Organizations/Projects

The Clinton Foundation works with the following initiatives:
• Clinton Climate Initiative – An initiative tailored to local community needs in which the foundation develops scalable projects aimed at tackling global climate change.
• Clinton Development Initiative – Developing and operating agricultural business projects that give smallholding farmers the opportunity to increase their potential for economic independence. Focus is placed on efficiency and long-term sustainability.
• Clinton Foundation in Haiti – Several targeted initiatives such as relief fund projects, initiatives aimed at supporting small and medium businesses, advancing education and creating sustainable economic growth.
• Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership – Aimed at reducing poverty, this initiative addresses existing gaps in the market in developing countries and develops strategies to give communities access to training, jobs and the market.
• Clinton Global Initiative – Geared at world leaders coming together to address the most pressing issues around the globe, this initiative uses networking and collaboration to achieve its goals.
• Clinton Health Matters Initiative – A project with the aim of encouraging others to contribute towards the health and wellbeing of others who are less fortunate.
• Clinton Presidential Centre – The centre not only offers exciting tours, it is also where several initiatives that involve sustainability, educational programs and presidential leadership programs are managed from.
• No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project – An initiative that is aimed at providing equal opportunities to women and girls. Initiatives include gender-based violence, cultural acceptance and female entrepreneurship.
• Too Small to Fail – Aimed at making meaningful changes to the lives of young children, this program includes initiatives that address early brain development and learning, health and wellbeing of children up to the age of five years.

Foundation’s History

After leaving the White House in 2001, President Bill Clinton made the decision to dedicate his life as a private citizen to make a difference in the world. The following year President Clinton started the Clinton Health Access Initiative at the urging of South African President Nelson Mandela. During this time he also started working with small local businesses in Harlem, New York. The foundation expanded its reach over the following years to include many initiatives and in 2013 was renamed the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.