Project Description

The Mike Adenuga Foundation


The Mike Adenuga Foundation is a proudly Pan African philanthropic foundation. The main mission of the organisation is to help Nigeria and other African countries, where the Mike Adenuga Group of Companies are commercially active on a permanent basis, to achieve social and economic independence. The Mike Adenuga Foundation aims to contribute to an improved future for Nigerians and other African citizens. To achieve this mission, the foundation intends to create and support initiatives that bring about positive change in the following areas:
*Managing resources
*Building knowledge and skills
*Stimulating innovation
*Developing social and economic growth
*Improving basic infrastructure
*Improving educational opportunities
*Implementing better healthcare systems
*Creating collaborations between non-profit organisations and government bodies
*Facilitating commerce
*Driving local enterprise
*Improving living conditions


Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa

Operating region

Nigeria and other African countries

Supported causes

The core initiatives the Mike Adenuga Foundation is involved with is:

*Rural development
*Special opportunity grants

Mike Adenuga Foundation
Mike Adenuga Foundation

Grants/award programs

The Mike Adenuga Foundation does not provide typical grants or award programs. Instead the organisation forms strategic partnerships involving stakeholders and beneficiaries. The foundation director leverages knowledge of relevant stakeholder’s working protocols, structures and decision making processes to identify candidates likely to partner with the foundation to create and launch programs. Critical relationships and partnerships with grantees are managed to achieve targets by doing site visits and through continuous evaluation and monitoring of grant components.

Funded Organizations/Projects

Not a lot of information about the philanthropic activities of the Mike Adenuga Foundation is made available to the public.  One particular donation of N500 million (equivalent to approximately US$3.2 million) was made by the organisation in aid of helping victims of a flood that happened in Bayelsa, a state in Southern Nigeria.

Foundation’s History

The Mike Adenuga Foundation was founded by Nigerian business tycoon Mike Adenuga, who is the chairman of Globacom (Global Communications) and the chairman of Conoil.