Kenya, Africa – Donation from Turkey

In Africa, donations are not only critical to social and economic development, but are also often vital to fulfilling the basic needs of the citizens of Africa. Donations that help improve Africa in areas like education and healthcare are affecting a positive impact on the future of the continent. Many of the more privileged countries of the world are making a concerted effort to do this – countries like Turkey.

An Early and Generous Gift

Christmas came early to Kenya in 2016 when the Turkish government donated home science equipment to a secondary school in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. The equipment which is worth around 2,000,000 Kenyan shillings (equivalent to approximately US$20,000) was given to the Our Lady of Mercy Girls School to help around 1,500 students with their studies. According to the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) Our Lady of Mercy was selected to receive the generous donation following a visit from delegates from the Turkish Embassy in Kenya to the area. After learning where there is socio-economic help required TIKA launched the Home Science and Bakery Equipment initiative which involves providing the school with equipment like gas cookers, pots, pans blenders and juicers, dinner sets, fabrics, threads, needles, scissors and sewing machines. The bakery equipment comprises of dough mixers, baking pans and trays, bread Africa donations- Food supplies proofers, and charcoal ovens.

More than Just Improving Grades

The donation to the school was delivered by Deniz Eke, the Turkish Ambassador of Kenya. Eke said that the donation is not only given to help students improve their grades, but also with the goal of equipping them with lifelong skills that will help prepare them for many career opportunities. Eke is particularly excited about the TIKA project because she is a woman, and believes that women have the potential to change the world if they are better prepared. Besides fortifying women with enough skills to affect positive change, the equipment will also be used to bake products that will be sold to generate funds for the school.

The ambassador further promised that Turkey will continue to help Africa with donations like books. In her words the books are there to ‘prevent academic malnutrition’. She told students, teachers and parents that Turkey is pleased to be playing a role in helping young ladies of Kenya create a brighter future. Africa Donations - First aid

An Attitude of Gratitude

One of the most satisfying aspects of African donations is that it is always met with gratitude. Home science teacher at Our Lady of Mercy Girls School Evangeline Mashira thanked the government of Turkey for their generous gift. According to Mashira the school has many students who are poverty stricken and has suffered under duress. In previous years teachers have had to bring equipment to school during examinations so that students may benefit from practical experience. The donation is set to transform the students’ educational experience. Also expressing deep gratitude was a representative of the Kenyan Ministry of Education and the school’s principal Esther Angwenyi. According to Angwenyi this is a dream that has been fulfilled.