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Philanthropists and Biodiversity in Africa

The African continent is known for its rich biodiversity. It is home to around a fifth of all animal and plant species known on planet Earth. Sadly, climate change is threatening this diversity. As Africa’s biodiversity is rapidly declining, the UN estimates that Africa will lose more than 50% of the birds and mammals on [...]

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Helping the World Prepare for Possible Future Health Crises

According to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), epidemics cost the world between $570 billion and $4 trillion every year, depending on how severe the outbreaks are. Considering the economic decline currently gripping so many countries across the globe this year due to Covid, it’s easy to see why. What’s not that easy to [...]

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Philanthropists in Africa Tackle the Renewable Energy Sector

Shell Foundation and FMO Back Green Energy Initiative in Sub-Saharan Africa The African continent is super-wealthy when it comes to renewable energy sources like sun, water, and wind. While these riches are not being used to their full capacity, philanthropists in Africa are beginning to take the necessary steps to finally start shaping the continent’s [...]

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African Donations in the News

Kenya, Africa - Donation from Turkey In Africa, donations are not only critical to social and economic development, but are also often vital to fulfilling the basic needs of the citizens of Africa. Donations that help improve Africa in areas like education and healthcare are affecting a positive impact on the future of the continent. [...]

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Philanthropy is Not About Charity

Philanthropy is About Investing in the Future to Support Africa Guest speaker Martin Short at the African Philanthropy Forum spoke about how the power of nutrition can support Africa by creating a sustainable future for Africans – and how this can be one of the greatest philanthropic acts. How a Lack of Nutrition is Affecting [...]

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A Turning Point in African Philanthropy

The Spirit of Ubuntu A word very dear to African hearts and very close to the African mindset is 'ubuntu'. Translated this means 'I am because you are'. The focus of this way of thinking is ensuring that everybody in the area is okay, instead of the typical nuclear family setup where every family unit [...]

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Philanthropy in Africa – What 2015 Taught Us

In an evolving world things change and charity is no different. Through the year 2015 some major transformations took place - making positive changes in the world has never been this interesting. Here are five of the major shifts that happened in 2015: The 'Working Together' trend Some of the world's most influential companies started [...]

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