Project Description

Belinda Stronach

Place of Birth

Newmarket, Ontario, Canada


Automotive industry, wagering technology for racetracks and politics


As the daughter of Magna International’s founder, Frank Stronach, Belinda Stronach became a member of the board of directors in 1988. She became VP of the company in 1995, and EVP in 1999. In 2001 she was appointed as CEO and the following year Belinda became the president of the company. Magna International is one of the largest automotive parts suppliers in the world with over 120,000 employees in 29 countries. Belinda resigned in 2010 and founded the Stronach Group in 2011 with her father. Stronach Group supplies wagering technology and operates racetracks. Belinda Stronach was also active in local politics for some years.

Belinda Stronach
Belinda Stronach

Philanthropy and Sponsorship

Belinda Stronach is a businesswoman and public leader who is committed to developing opportunities for economic improvement and quality of life in Africa and around the globe. The corporate leadership skills Belinda showed while working in a range of high-ranking positions cemented her reputations as emerging leader and one of the most powerful women in Canada. In addition to Belinda’s hectic corporate schedule, she is also known for being actively involved with various philanthropic endeavours and was rewarded for her efforts in 2003 when she was given the Beth Shalom Humanitarian Award – known as a longstanding and distinguished award in Canada. She has also achieved several honorary degrees from distinguished universities in recognition of her philanthropic efforts. She previously held an honorary chair at the Magna Howdown and is an honorary Patron of the Southlake Regional Health Centre.

Philanthropic Endeavours

Spread the Net:

Belinda’s interest in philanthropy started in 2006 when she co-founded Spread the Net – an organisation that raises funds to buy bed nets that have been treated by insecticide for African families, and in particular children and pregnant women. The aim of the organisation is to reduce malaria infections in Liberia and Rwanda and over US$5 billion was raised to achieve this.

The Stronach Foundation:

In 2008 she founded the Belinda Stronach Foundation. The foundation works with several organisations that support and develop innovative social projects with a mutual goal of improving health and development of youth, girls and women. Collaborations include The Economic Club of Canada, The Clinton Global Initiative, ONE, The Tony Blair Faith Foundation and Malaria no More.

One Laptop per Child:

In 2011 the Belinda Stronach Foundation implemented the One Laptop per Child program in Canada. The program has successfully delivered more than 4,000 laptops to impoverished Aboriginal children in Canada.
Later that year the foundation launched the G(irls)20 Summit in Toronto, and the following year in Paris, France.

Belinda’s Place:

Belinda is also the co-founder of Belinda’s Place, a homeless shelter for women in the York region. She serves on the board as honorary chairperson. The shelter was started to address a problematic situation in the area whereby over 100 single women who don’t have children are turned away from shelters every year because they don’t meet the criteria. Until Belinda’s place started these women lived under bridges, in bushes or in other exposed and unsafe places. Belinda working with the mayor to establish the shelter.