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Eyal Mesika

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Eyal Mesika
Eyal Mesika

From Israel to Nigeria

Since his arrival in Nigeria, Mesika has founded, built and developed a leading security firm – EMI Systems Limited – which has been providing specialized protection and safety solutions for more than two decades.

Mesika’s firm also provides job and internship opportunities for locals and foreigners alike, and he himself participates in varied philanthropic activities supporting the Nigerian community and the Jewish population in the country.

Launching a Career

Eyal Mesika’s career in Nigeria began in the construction and infrastructure industry, where he held senior positions in various divisions including logistics, administration and procurement. This professional experience together with his military background formed the ideal foundations for the successful security company Mesika went on to launch less than four years after arriving in Nigeria.

EMI Systems Limited

EMI Systems Limited was founded in 1994 in Nigeria, where it’s main offices and factory are situated. In later years the company branched out to Ghana both as a market and as an operational base.

The company provides advanced security products, innovative solutions and tailored services in order to deliver maximum protection even in the most complicated of circumstances. EMI Systems Ltd employs approximately 3,500 security professionals from Nigeria and abroad and prides itself on offering turnkey solutions that meet the precise demands of its high profile and diverse clientele. In recent years, the company has also entered the fields of real estate and real sectors investments.

Social Responsibility

Although his company specializes in internationally renowned security systems, Eyal Mesika believes that there is more to security than physical safety. A country’s safety is primarily rooted in the society itself. If the people are healthy, happy and fulfilled, if the society is functional and prosperous, the country will be safer. For this reason, Mesika believes in giving back to society, and contributing to education and culture.

With an aim to provide sustainable solutions to local communities Mesika established The Mesika Brothers Foundation. The foundation, which is powered by EMI Systems Ltd and Mesika, addresses a variety of burning social issues in Nigeria, and directs most of its efforts to assist abandoned children and underprivileged youth.

The foundation provides financial support, basic necessities and ongoing services to two orphanages in Abuja – Rachel’s Home and Talitha Cumi. It also supports a number of youth programs aimed at improving technological literacy, developing leadership skills and encouraging entrepreneurship and social initiative. Among these programs are Future Labs – a leadership course for young adults, and IT Structure – a tech-education program for teenagers.

Eyal Mesika - Assisting the local community

Strengthening Ties Between Israel and Africa

Even though he has been living abroad for many years Eyal Mesika is strongly connected to his homeland Israel and to his Jewish heritage. He works closely with the Nigerian Chabad House (a Jewish community and culture center) to improve the Jewish infrastructure in Nigeria and fortify the bond between the Jewish and local communities. He has donated a piece of land for the building of the first Mikveh (Jewish ritual bath) in Nigeria and assisted with bringing Rabbis and Jewish scrolls from abroad in order to conduct Passover festivities across the country. But he has also worked with Chabad House Nigeria on a unique project for the local non-Jewish population.

Giving Hope – Helping Children and Adults with Special Needs in Nigeria

Mesika has been collaborating with the Chabad House on the Hope House project which aims to help adults with special needs in Nigeria. Hope House is an educational facility for children with special needs and severe learning disabilities. While it has been doing impressive and important work with the children it takes in, it lacks the infrastructure to answer their needs once they grow up. Thanks to the assistance and involvement of Mesika and his firm, Chabad House Nigeria was able to build protected employment centers that allow these young people to develop essential tools and work habits, participate in Nigerian society and make a decent living. The Job opportunities offered by the Hope House Centers are varied and include candle making, animal care and more.

Eyal Mesika
CEO of EMI Systems
Eyal Mesika
CEO of EMI systems